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Teen mothers expressed their gratitude to LHM

Teen mothers expressed their gratitude to LHM, through  interviews

conducted at radio  CEPCA.The interview focussed on their training.

Beneficiairies seized the opportunity to witness, how the sawing and

dyeing program is gradually transforming their daily lives,thus

offering them a bright futur.

Ania Souman



Evangelical outreach and assessment works

Follwing a one-on-one  evangelism outreach,volunteers meet  to

assess their work and see how to improve their evangelism


Encounter with volunteers before the outreach

Family pictures with volunteers after one-on-one evangelism campaign

Christian traddional ruler expressing thanks to LHM’staff for evangelism outreach

ETS held at Garoua- boulai

A recent ETS workshop took place at Garoua -Boulai with

a view of involving lay christians in evangelism outeach.49

participants attended  the workshop.37 of them were commissioned

for evangelism.the seminar ended with sharing of meal and soft drinks.

Ania Souman

Participants taking down notes during ETS workshop

participants attending ETS lectures

volunteers sharing meal and soft drink