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Celebrating Xmas with children

Over 60 children,most of them orphans or abandoned ones had been

invited by LHM-C’s staff to mark and celebrate the birth of our Lord

Jesus Christ.The event took place within radio CEPCA premises,where

each child was offered  christmas gifts.Christian- oriented teachings were

delivered to them by the staff.The encounter was electric and joyful and ended

with prayers,praises, adoration and the sharing of meals.

Ania Souman

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Children attending Christmas celebration

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Children listening to teachings on the birth of JC

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Children expressing joys through dancing

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Children receiving Xmas gifts

KODAK Digital Still Camera

picture nearby the Xmas tree




Film show:An effective means of reaching out to people with the Gospel

Several responses generated, following a film shown on the birth of our

lord Jesus Christ.The show took place in the outskirt of the city of

Ngaoundéré.Christians and non-Christians came up in numbers to

watch.Referrals were generated after calls for prayers. Connections

made were handed over to local congregations for counseling and

follow ups.

Ania Souman