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Training ETS volunteers in isolated areas

Training ETS volunteers for evangelism purposes is part of LHM’s Mision.

The small town of Yangba,hosting the second ETS of november is inaccessible

by car.LHM-C’s staff had to cross the Mbam river by rowboat and use motorbike

to reach the venue.Several participants of that locality attended the workshop

and were enthoused to receive teachings on evangelism.They expressed gratitude

to LHM for the training”We are now equiped with the means of reaching out to the great

number of unchurch in our village;we thank you for the initiatives”said evangelist Adjia André.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

LHM-‘s staff by the Mbam river

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Staffcrossing the river by rowboat

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Staff crossing the river

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Staff on the way to Yangba by motorbike

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ETS taking place at Yangba

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Family photo after ETS workshop

Lay Christians commissioned for Evangelism

46 lay christians recently commissioned for evangelism ,following an ETS held at Meng.

A locality situated in the northern part of the country .The aim of ETS was to train and equipe lay

Chrisitans with a view of disseminating the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in that locality.

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Opening prayers for workshop

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Evanglist Bangaoua expressing gratitude to LHM

KODAK Digital Still Camera

family photo at the end of the workshop