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A new beginning

Restoring dignity and hope for victims of social abuse and abandoned teen mothers always remain a continually big challenge for LHM’s staff.

In performing their routine exercise of reaching out to people with the gospel downtown the city of Yaoundé, the staff of LHM-C came across Laty a deeply frustrated teen floating up and down in search of comfort.

Approached by our evangelical materials, she accepted sharing the messages of hope with our team. After having exchanged with us on spiritual issues, in separate encounters, she revealed to us the situation she is in.

In fact Laty has been living with her parents and attending secondary school. The relation with her family was cordial and smooth. Her troubles begun, when her beloved mother passed away following a chronic disease and father got married to another woman. She herself started suffering from chronic headache and dropped school, because of lack of means. “I ‘am desperate and have no future’’ She said adding ‘’the death of my mother has left me with a trauma’’. For her survival Laty is ready to risk her life by mixing with evil men for anti-social activities.’’ I’ am always tempted to do bad things in order to survive’’.

Touched by the message of the gospel shared with her, Laty regained hope and accepted being trained in sawing. She recently registered with LHM’s abandoned teen mother project and is now performing well.

Laty acknowledges and always thank God for the radical change the lord has brought into her personal life. ”I thank God for the hope lost long time ago is now found again ‘’she said concluding ‘’It‘s a new chapter and experience in my life; in fact a new beginning. I will always praise the lord for that’’.

Ania Souman

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Laty being help in Christian education

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Acquiring more and more knowledge in sawing





More abandoned teen mothers register for free training in sawing and dying

LHM’s teen mother project register more and more victims of sexual abuse and abandoned teens.

7 of them have recently been offered admision after interview sessions and spiritual counselling.

Everyone of them has special stories and experience to share.We will come back to each of them in

the nearest future.

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Teen mothers holding prayers session before class

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Within training workshop

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Teen mothers receiving advice

Ets workshop at ndirr

More lay christians engaged in the dissemination of the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ.51 of them were commissioned for evangelism following an animated  workshop held at ndirr . copy-of-img_20160722_104045copy-of-img_20160722_104036EELC’s women  movement for Christ animating ETS workshop