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Regional Director ‘s visit in Cameroon

LHM’s regional Director for Africa and Middle east;Mr Eric Gates,LHM-C’s

chairman, Mr Nadjiber Daniel and members of staff.



Evangelism outreach at Mfou

A door to door evangelism campaign has recently been organized in colloboration withLHM’s volunteers from the Brethern Lutheran Church, in the small town of Mfou.The campaign which lasted 6 hours,was under the supervision

of LHM-C’s Audience relations manager Ania Souman as well as Evangelist baipahoul Elie from the evangelical Lutheran Chucrch of Cameroon.Lhm’s Evangelical materials were used for the campaign.The outreach generated several responses.Referrals and connections were also made to local Churches, after sessions of counselling and prayers.Pictures were also snapped during the encounters.The campaign ended with sharing of experience and

difficulties encountered.

Ania Souman

copy-of-img_20160812_161445A respondent reciving BCC  from the Audience relations during door to door Evangelism campaign

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Sharing of the gospel with respondent Abou Paul


LHM-C’s new advert spot reccorded

A new radio spot on abandoned and sexuallyabused  teen mothers has been reccorded at Radio Bonne nouvelle this morning

with the view of  not only making the project known to the public, but also disséminating  LHM’s messages

of hope.The spot, which is sheduled to be aired as from next friday will run 3 times a day  and last for several months.

More responses are expected to be generated in the course of this new radio program.

Ania Souman

KODAK Digital Still Camera

LHM-C’s staff reccording at radio bonne nouvelle

KODAK Digital Still Camera