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Teen mother ‘s project graduation ceremony

8 out 19 teen mothers  received their certifcate following a ceremony organized

within the premises of LHM’s headquater.The ceremony was presided over by the chairman

of the board Mr Nadjber Daniel.Parents as well as relatives were invited for the ceremony.

Joys and sons of praise to our Lord God were expressed during the event

More more information and witnesses will be publihed later on.

LHM Staff and teen mothers in uniforms sawn by teens themselves

DSC07221DSC07220 (2)DSC07216Graduates being blessed by Area bishop rev Baiguelé Jean ( also member of the board)

ETS workshop held in colaboration with EELC

An  ETS workshop had been organized in collaboration with EELC’s department of Evangelism in eatern part of doumé.

Lay Christians and Evangelists were invited to attend the workshop  two days.Women for Christ  of that

locality animated the workshop.More than 65 were commissioned for outreach activites after the training.Women animatingUsing tradional instrument

81 year animating ETS workshop using tradditional musical instrument

Evangelist and lay attending ETS


Evangelism outreach still goes on

LHM -C ‘s Local volunteers of the university of Ngaoundéré recently  organized a one-on-one evangelical campaign within  and in DSC07286ready for outreachpractical ourteach the outskirt of the University.The campaign, which lasted for several hours generated tremendous responses ,referrals and connections.The outreach  was held in collaboration with the Audience relations Manager,Ania Souman.Prayers were said before and after the events.