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University roundtable

Ngaoundéré University students massively responded to a roundtable  organized by LHM-C, in collaboration with the protestant university chaplaincy.The theme was “Should Christians enter politics or not”.Students got really delighted and thanked LHM for  the programme.They further implored the lord God to continue provide LHM with the means of reaching out them with  such initiatves.

Ania Souman


Equiping the Saints at Mbé

Several lay Christians receiving ETSséminaire mbé 1séminaire mbé2 training with a view of spreading the gospel of our Lord Jesus in and outside their respective locality

ation ceremony at EEFC

BCC correspondents from the Brethen Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon received their certificate

during a ceremony organized in collaboration with Lutheran Hour Ministries-Cameroon .The ceremony took place within a local Church situated in the outskirt of the city capital Yaoundé.

Graduation2Graduation at  EEFCCorrespondents expressing joys and gratitudes towards LHM, when receiving certificates