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Equipping the saints at Dangoté

ET ET Equipping the saints at Dangoté

Recruiting, motivating and equipping lay Christians with a view of spreading the Gospel are the main missions of Lutheran Hour Ministries” Equipping the Saints” workshops.

Implemented on monthly basis, the previous one took place on Saturday 12th march 2016 within the Brethren Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon at Dangoté, a small locality situated in the eastern part of the country.

Several participants attended the workshop and received lectures presented by facilitators on Evangelism and diverse techniques on how to approach targeted public with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Attendees were also exposed on what LHM is all about and were asked by the Audience relations Manager Ania Souman to share LHM’s vision and mission with absentees.” LHM’s vision and mission is worth sharing with others in order to ease the dissemination of   Jesus Gospel”    Evangelist Ndengue Marc also asked commissioned volunteers to develop relentless interest in the spread of the word of hope as recommended by the Lord Jesus.” Our Lord Jesus was an evangelist, so you are call upon to follow his path by reaching out to the unchurched with the gospel”.

The seminar ended with practical outreach exercises, after commissioning ceremony, thus generating several responses.Souley Patrice, one of the participants expressed his views saying “the workshop endowed them with necessary means to spread the gospel, adding” I ‘am now well equipped to serve the lord”.  Evangelist Ndengue thanked LHM and workshop facilitators for their effort of training lay Christians for evangelical purposes.

Ania Souman

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Rejected by families, newly converted Muslim students form LHM’s Club


Lutheran Hour Ministries-Cameroon ‘s audience relation Ania Souman with  newly converted  Hapsatou Club1Lutheran Hour Ministiries  friends club after  prayer session


Bringing Christ into Muslim communities remains the most challenging exercise for LHM in its continued efforts of spreading the Gospel of our lord Jesus Christ. By implementing this exercise following an ETS workshop held months ago, Lutheran Hour ministries volunteers with the close collaboration of the department of audience relations have been sharing words of hope  with some  Muslim  students of the university of Ngaoundéré.

The continued follow-up exercises have resulted into their acceptance of our lord Jesus Christ as true Lord and saviour. The newly converted are: Hamadou seidou.B, Fanta Baihama, Saliou Alain ,Yampili Manou Aie. Hapsatou and Zra Etienne.

Every one of them   has specific story and experience of their encounter with our lord Jesus to be revealed in our releases, in a not too far distant future but these newly converted university students today encounter numerous problems and difficulties ranging from rejection from their respective families and constant threats, to academic, accommodation and health problems.

Asked on their daily difficulties encountered, one them Hamadou Seidou expressed his gratitude to lord Jesus saying “Today I survive thanks to donation and gifts from Christian brothers”. Hapsatou the youngest of them recently ousted from family compound is scotching with Fanta Baihima “I ‘am stranded because of my new Christian faith and have been living with my sister in Christ Fanta.she said adding «we share the little that God provides”.

Regarding their spiritual empowerment, they cannot attend Sunday services for fear of threat to their lives from parents, friends and relatives but always attend bible studies organized by LHM’s local volunteers.

Under the advice of LHM’S Audience Relations, they formed a well structured club with a view of setting up a revenue generating project, which according to them will not only help them cope with their financial predicaments but also enable them  bring the Gospel to other young Muslims

The club is called “LHM’S Seed of hope” and  has set up a small project retailing cereals.  We invite fellow Christians to keep them in prayers and call upon generous hearts to provide them with assistance of any sort.

Ania Souman



 Yampili Manou Aie now Christ follower.


Manou Alain and Hapsatou after prayer session


Round table generates several responses

Round  0 Round  0Round1

Round table generates several responses

Over 270 students from Ngaoundéré University have recently attended a round table organized by Lutheran Hour Ministries on the 30th of March 2016.The roundtable, which took place within the Lutheran protestant chaplaincy kicked off at around 4 pm, local hours and was presided over by the staff of LHM- C,in collaboration with volunteers as well as facilitators. The two hours and half teachings were focused on” the power of forgiveness”.

According to Mr Ania Souman, LHM-C’s Audience Relations Manager, the event was aimed at not only making LHM known to university students but also providing them with Christian-oriented teachings on socially related values. «Bringing LHM close to university students as well as delivering them the word of the Gospel through educative talks always remain our main objectives” .LHM’S audience relations manager also made a broad presentation of the LHM and its services during the event and concluded saying that “Bringing Christ to the nations and the nations to the Church through print as well as electronic media are key objectives of Lutheran Hour Ministries”

Dr Boudouna Abel lectured on the social aspect of the power of forgiveness, saying in parts that “forgiving is not only freeing oneself from stress, grudges and anger, but also overcoming wounded peace». He further advised participants to avoid conditional forgiveness «Instead of conditioning forgiveness, it would be better to seek the root causes of the problems, deal with them and then look for ways forward to forgiveness.”

Rev Fombami Etienne on his part quoted the book of Psalm32:1-2 to demonstrate the power of forgiveness. He called upon participants to follow the instances of our Lord Jesus Christ “Our Lord God forgave our sins through the death of his beloved son Jesus Christ». He further drew the attentions of attendees on the negative consequences of any refusal to forgive “Refusal to forgive may generate acrimony, hatred, animosity, division or even disaster”.

Asked on his impression about the roundtable, one of the participants Pamayé David expressed his gratitude towards LHM’S effort of providing students with spiritual as well as moral nourishment.” I ‘am profoundly edified by the teachings and express my gratitude to LHM’s efforts». He said and thanked sponsors and organizers.

The next roundtable is scheduled to hold by April .We call upon fellow Christians to keep this edifying program in their daily prayers.

Ania  Souman


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