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Youth program generates responses.

Youth program generates responses.IMG082IMG083IMG084

In a bid to reach out to the youths with the word of hope, Lutheran Hour Ministries and the youths of the EELC ( Djoungolo) have recently co-organized an educative talks within the premises of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC).The talks ,which kicked off in the afternoon of saturday 5th 2016, was under the supervision of the Audience relations Ania Souman, in close collaboration with Ms Rose Nadjiber in charge of the youth education in the congregation.

For five hours young Christians and their invitees,  received teachings on how to spread God‘s word among themselves and how to build a Christian oriented family. Ms Rose advised the youths to lay the foundation of their family on Christian faith “A family should have a religious foundation” she said, citing Deuteronomy 6:4-9”. LHM-c’s Audience relations also briefed them on how Lutheran Hour ministry can provide evangelical support for youth events as well as promote Christian-oriented programs with a view of bringing the unchurched youths to their local church. LHM-C’s evangelical materials and prospectus were freely handed out to participants.

Over 77 youths attended the program.55 of them registered for bible correspondence courses, while 17 were referred to the pastor for counseling.

Asked on his impressions about the encounter, one of the attendees Koulagna a student aged 27 expressed great satisfactions over the teachings. According to him the program was so educative for younger generations” and further added “the teachings were really educative and informative for not only the foundation of a Christian- oriented family but on how to make the word of God known to non-Christians”.

Area bishop rev Mbaiguele Jean encouraged the youth of his congregation to actively participate to such programs, which according him is aimed at preparing the youth for future parental responsibilities, and providing them with the means of reaching out to others with the word of God.

The program ended with exchange of ideas, counseling and sharing of soft drinks.

Ania Souman



Distancing myself for years



My name is Emmanuel Betché I ‘am 21 years old student at the university of Ngoa-ékélé (Yaoundé).I Study chemistry. I started my first steps knowing our lord and savior Jesus Christ but as I was not interested in participating in activities, I really did not know the tremendous changes I will have later on.

For years I distanced myself from the word of God and even stopped attending Sunday services. The reasons were so many, among which difficulties to make ends meet as student, difficulties to surpass repeated failures, etc

Thanks to the ETS workshop I attended through the invitation of the audience relations Mr Ania Souman, I understood God had not only had a special plan for me but also wanted to use me for the proclamation of his Gospel. Through repeated prayers counseling and monthly volunteering with Lutheran Hour ministries, I have started to regain hope. I’ am willing and committed to sharing his words with fellow students of my generation.

Thanks for bringing me back to the Lord.




BCC Graduates received their certificate

DSC06108 photo DSC06096DSC06102


27 LHM-C Bible Correspondents from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon(EELC) have received their certificates on Saturday, during a ceremony Co-organized by LHM-C and the local congregation of Edea

The ceremony was presided over by rev Nkondog pierre and LHM-C’s audience relations, Mr Ania Souman in presence of  representatives of the  local Church, LHM’s volunteers as well as invitees from other localities.

Inspired from the book of Psalm Rev Nkondog Pierre seized the occasion to thank Church leaders for allowing and facilitating LHM-C’s efforts of  educating and training  both lay Christians  and non- Christians through free Bible Borrespondence Courses  in this isolated part of the country.

Rev Nkondog Pierre also congratulated graduates and encouraged them to use their faith in the service of the gospel, in their respective environment «I appeal to  BCC graduates to follow the instance of   our Lord Jesus Christ, who  himself was an evangelist” he said, adding «Do not keep the word of the gospel for yourself but share it with others”.

LHM-C’ audience relations on his part urged graduates to form groups for Bible Studies in their respective localities and actively engage in evangelism activities.

The ceremony ended with sons of praises, prayers and adorations.

Ania Souman