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Film show generates new responses

Film show generates new responses

film show 2film show 1

Film show remains one of the most effective means of spreading the Gospel, used by Lutheran Hour Ministries, in its efforts of connecting people to the church. The recent exercise of Christian film show on Martin Luther the reformist took place within the second apartment of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon here in Yaoundé and was aimed at providing invitees with Christian education and briefing them with substantial information about the author of Lutheranism and his evangelical works.

The show attracted the curiosity of both Christians and non-Christian from different localities. Many of them were thrilled to hear and see how Martin Luther defended his convictions and interpretation of the Gospel.

In between the show rev Mbaiguele thanked LHM-C for the educative show and requested that such film be shown to members of other Lutheran congregations. «Having substantial ideas of the author of Lutheranism is of vital importance for every Lutheran». He said. He also thanked Mr Nadjiber Daniel chairman of LHM-C’s board for providing the film.

At the end of the show 23 people registered for BCC among, whom 4 un-churches who were connected to the church for follow-ups. 7 Others requested for Christians literature and wanted to know more about Lutheran Hour Ministries-Cameroon.

Ania Souman

From hardship to relief

News release:


From hardship to relief

Caring for people in distress always remains a major concern for Lutheran Hour Ministries, whether spiritually or socially. Through its diverse training programs, several desperate teen mothers have reverently found reliefs among whom Natacha a stranded fourteen years old teen girl.

Natacha came across LHM’s staff following a one -on-one evangelical outreach campaign that took place in the outskirts of the city capital (Yaoundé).Deeply depressed, desperate and without any professional knowledge of any sort; she told the audience relations the predicaments she had been going through ever since especially those regarding her daily feeding and the concern for her future.

After several encounters for spiritual counseling that culminated with her registration to bible correspondence courses and the expression of her strong desire to register for LHM’s training program, she started learning and since then has been excelling well.

Natacha is extremely delighted by her performance today. She always gives thanks to the lord for allowing her encounter with Lutheran Hour Ministries staff.” I thank the Lord for allowing my encounter with you people, during the outreach campaign “she said, adding «My live has tremendously changed spiritually and socially». She further acknowledged that our Lord Jesus has shown him the way out predicaments through Lutheran Hour Ministries. «I’ am a renewed person in Christ today”.

Natacha lives now with her aunt here in Yaoundé and is continuing with her training programs, while generating revenue through making children dresses. She is totally confident and assured of her future now. Thank God.

Ania Souman



Lay Christians commissioned for evangelism

News release:

séminaire 3seminaire

44 lay Christians have recently been commissioned for evangelism; following an ETS workshop organized by Lutheran Hour Ministries-Cameroon. The workshop, which took place within the hosting congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon in Djounglo, kicked off in the early morning of February 6th, 2016.

For hours attendees received lectures on Evangelism and its various techniques of passing on messages of hope to non- Christians, with a view of connecting them to local Churches.

Inspired from the book of Romans 10:14 Bishop Mbaiguele Jean grabbed the opportunity to call upon his lay Christians to from now on show their commitments to evangelism by actively getting involved in evangelical outreach.”Evangelism is a duty assigned to, not only Church leaders but also lay Christians by our Lord Jesus” he said. He further thanked Lutheran Hour Ministries for putting “ETS programs” at the disposal of different partners in evangelism.”We express our gratitude to LHM for free training of Lay Christians in evangelism”.

As regional bishop, Rev Mbaigulé jean promised during the commissioning ceremony to host more ETS in other areas these years.”There are urgent needs for training more lay Christians in evangelism». He let ripped.

One of the participants Koulagna Nestor also expressed gratitude for the workshop saying” I’ am totally empowered and equipped to bring the word to others at any given time “ he said.

The workshop ended with prayers and sharing of soft drinks.

Ania Souman