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News Release: EtS practical exercises generate tremendous responses

pwata choir cameroon


Lutheran Hour Ministries-Cameroon has recently attracted over 500 respondents, within hours using its ETS training program;” Equiping the Saints “and enrolled 135 bible correspondence courses and still in the process referred 37 to local congregations.

Invited by the hosting congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC), in Nieté with full collaboration of LHM, the performance of the choir Pwaya MBeta from EELC DJounglo 1(Yaoundé) during the workshop had not only attracted hundreds of local population but also offered great opportunities for ETS new trainees to conduct practical evangelical exercises of the workshop.

In this regard, non- Christians coming to watch the events were individually approached with LHM evangelical tracts and Bible correspondence courses during animation and after commissioning ceremony conducted by rev Nkondog Simon Pierre. The reverend seized the occasion to remind new trainees of the instructions given to all by our Lord Jesus Christ, quoting Cor 9-16 in parts.”…Woe to me if I do not proclaim the gospel”

One of the commissioned Mr Sodea expressed his joy over his first experience of sharing God’s word with non –Christians in this practical phase of workshop. «Sharing God’s word with other non Christians is really fascinating». He said, ending” I’will always enjoy doing it as recommended by our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Mr Daboulé, a newly converted Christian acknowledged his first encounter with our lord Jesus and expressed great joy for becoming a child of God «It is a great privilege to be part of God’s children and I thank you servants of God for bringing the word in our isolated area”.

The animation and the one-on- one evangelical campaign continued till late in the night with praises, prayers and worship for new converts. Rev Nkondog thanked Lutheran Hour Ministries and promised to host other ETS workshops in other localities under his ministry.

Lutheran Hour Ministries will continue reaching out to many in that area through ETS workshops, while hosting congregations will carry out the follow ups on referrals generated and nurture the new converts.

pwata choir cameroon

Ania Souman