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News release: They don’t feel left out

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Reaching out to people, leaving with disability or chronic diseases such as leprosy, with the word of hope is an integrated part of LHM-C’s regular mission. It is with this broad vision that the audience relation’s department recently undertook an evangelical outreach at Mbé national leprosy. The campaign, which kicked off in the early morning of mid-October

2015, was aimed at bringing the word of salvation and comfort to these people living with lepers in the center created decades ago and almost abandoned by the State.

Right after the opening ceremony, Evangelist Moussa, while delivering message from the book of Mathew 19:17, called upon each resident of the national leprosy camps to observe God‘s commandments and never lose hope or feel left out despite the desperate situation they are living in.” Never feel left out by God but keep his word close to your heart”. LHM-C’ s audience relations on his part seized the opportunity, to not only present the great variety of LHM activities, but also provide spiritual counseling through messages of comfort, thus leaning upon its evangelical supports such as God ‘s plan for you, bible correspondence courses and prospectus.

Regarding the humanitarian aspect, Evangelist Moussa said “the situation has tremendously disintegrated, adding that “the building used for treatment of those suffering from leper is almost dysfunctional and unhygienic”. He also pointed out the lack of potable water points and other basic needs for the local population. Asked on the most urgent need of the residents, he responded that “the treatment hall needs urgent and total renovation”. He further informed LHM-C’s team that «the leprosy started receiving substantial aids from Norwegians missionaries when the State abdicated its responsibility” and concluded that “the center is now almost left to its own fate, surviving on individual aids”.

Patabé Bernard (67), Christian, victim of leper has been living in the center for more than thirty years. He is blessed with a 15 year old son, named Paul, who has ever since turned out to be the father, working to feed the family as well as caring for his own education.” My father has no fingers to do farm works and care for me “he said, adding” that’s why I work hard to, not only care for the entire family but also for my future “.Paul successfully passed his examination into the secondary school this academic year.

Another resident of the center, Inna Rebecca (58), has been in the center for forty years. She got amputed two year s ago and is still undergoing medical treatment. She called upon generous hearts for her assistance.” I’ am always imploring our lord God and fellow Christians to provide me with assistance of any sort”.

The evangelical outreach ended with a brief sharing of God‘s word, prayers and fundraising for the victims of leprosy. More than 35 literate residents registered for bible correspondence courses. The Mbé national leprosy center requires a special attention .We call upon fellow Christians to always remember the center in their prayers and generous hearts to provide the disable with assistance of any sort.

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