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Diversifying opportunities for teen mothers

Moters_opportunities mothers_opportunity

Apart from training abandoned teen mothers in tailoring, LHM-C has recently introduced a new training program, which now is aimed at providing training in dying for these young girls mostly victims of social ills.

Hardly implemented, the program has started generating responses and consequently producing expected results in terms of revenue for each learner, thus transforming teen mother’s daily lives.

Asked on the main objectives of the program, Ms Yapani Hermine staff member of the LHM-C in charge of the training responded saying”the main objective of this new program is to diversify the means of revenue for teen mothers, who are in most cases abandoned without help; without financial resources”. She also added saying that “Through dying, they can not only make enough money for themselves but also send their children to school.” Dying is a lucrative activity in our country nowadays”. She concluded.

Regarding difficulties related to the program, Yapani said “chemical products for dying are sometimes costly but affordable for all”. She also advised learners to avoid buying fake chemical products for dying, which cannot provide expected results.”Fake chemical products cannot only damage your materials but also tarnish your reputations». She futher drew the attention of the learners on the side effects of chemical products used for dying, thus advising them to scrupulously observe instructions regarding the products.” the chemical products can be dangerous to your health” .She concluded.

One of the beneficiaries, Ms Alice praised LHM-C‘s new initiatives saying «We thank our Lord God for this new initiatives”. I’ am very delighted to be part of the beneficiaries” she added.


The new program has started generating responses. We call upon fellow Christians to keep praying and helping LHM for these new initiatives.

Ania Souman

Several university students commissioned for Evangelism


More than 68 students, all from Ngaoundéré University have been commissioned for Evangelism, following a recent “Equipping The Saints” workshop, organized by Lutheran Hour Ministries Cameroon.

The seminar, which was co-hosted by Rev Fombami Etienne from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Cameroon (EELC) and Mr. Tekene Constantin, the national coordinator for a Christian organization, known as APHA COURSES, took place within the protestant chaplaincy in the early morning of September 19th 2015.

Right after the opening prayer said by rev Fombami himself, Mr Ania Souman, and Lutheran Hour Ministries Audience Relations Manager gave a brief introduction of what “Equipping The Saints” is all about .According to him, ETS mission is to recruit, motivate and equip congregational lay Christians to be able to carry out their tasks within a lay led mission. The Audience relations Manager’s introduction of ETS followed by the presentation of LHM, its origin, mission and objectives. He further concluded his lecture saying that the main mission of Lutheran Hour Ministry is summarized by its own motto” Bringing Christ to the nations and the nations to the Church”.

Rev Fombami Etienne provided attendees with lectures on Evangelism, why, who, and how to evangelize. He seized the opportunity to remind participants of their duty of spreading the Gospel quoting the book of 1st Cor 9-16,which states in parts”…..and woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel”.

Mr Tekene constantin on his part lectured attendees on the recipes used for evangelism and how to integrate new converts in congregations. He also advised participants to be model Christians for new converts “Our lord Jesus has always been a model. So I advise you to be models for new converts”.

Asked on their impression about the workshop, one of the participants B. Benjamin expressed his gratitude towards LHM’s founders for putting in place such a powerful Christian organization  for the advance of the Gospel and further concluded saying” I feel spiritually enriched by the teachings and ‘I ‘am ready to put them into practice on the ground”.

The seminar ended with sharing of food and soft drinks. A commissioning ceremony took place the following day, during Sunday service, where rev Fombami once again called upon ETS participants to take Evangelism at heart and continue spreading the Gospel message of linking the Unchurch to the Church.

Ania Souman