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Live Presentation of LHM

A broad presentation of LHMand its programs had recently been made

over the Protestant Voice Radio by the audience relations manager,

Mr Ania Souman.The aim of the exercise was not only to make LHM

known to  the public, but  also reach out to people with the Gospel, especially those

in isolated areas.

live presentation of teen mothers project

LHM’s teen project had recently been presented live at the Protestant Voice Radio

by the assistant administrative Ms Chantal Fessi.Teens were also called upon to

express their views and impact of the project on their daily life during the occasion.

Teen mothers celebrate women’s day

Teens mothers have joint others to celebrate the international women’s day.

The celebration took place within the premises of the Protestant Voice Radio

and was presided over by Ms chantal Fessi,LHM-C ‘s assistant administrator.

Teachings on what the international women’s day is all about were delivered to them.

They also received teachings on sexuality and christian marriage.The encounter ended

with sharing of soft drinks and meal.Teens expressed their joys and gratitude to LHM for

the initiatives.”We are delighted by such an itiative that has not only empowwered us

spiritually, but also socially” said Santana, one of the participant.

Ania Souman

Opening prayers for the events

Reaching out to people with morning devotions

With a view of reaching out to people with the Gospel in distant areas,

LHM-C sometimes resort to rev Baiguélé Jean, from the Evangelical

Lutheran Church of Cameroon and member of the board.

Rev Baiguélé jean, reccording devotions  for airing




LHM-C ‘s training in dying continues

Training program in dying continues with new teen mothers.The recent session

took place two weeks ago,where teens learnt how to mix up chemicals and dye blankets.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Teen mothers newly acquired materials

A set of new sawing materials had been purchased for teen mothers project

thanks to the relentless efforts of LHM.Teen mothers always  express their

gratitude, towards the international bureau for the effortsand imploreour lord God

almighty to continue pouringdown his blessings on the staff as well as donors.

Ania Souman

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera


Volunteers commissioned for Evangelism

A new team of volunteers had recently been  commissioned after having received

a one day  ETS  training at Endalé.The aim of the training was to provide and equiped

them with necessary means of reaching out to the Unchurch with the Gospel of our Lord

and Saviour Jesus Christ,in that isolated area of the country, where Christianity is

graduallly loosing ground.

Ania Souman


KODAK Digital Still Camera

ETS :During questions and answers segment

KODAK Digital Still Camera

ETS:Sharing food with volunteers

KODAK Digital Still Camera

commissioned volunteers snapping pictures